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In Tanzania there are approximately 45 million people in an area of 946,000 km2 whose capital is Dodoma. Its official languages are English and Swahili, although it has more than 120 ethnic groups with their own dialects. Travelling to Tanzania is flying towards your roots, because here is the Ol Duvai Gorge, also known as the cradle of humanity, where arqueological remains for understanding the evolution of our ancestors were found. In Tanzania you can snorkel in the coral reefs of Zanzibar, a safari into the Ngorongoro Crater or get lost in the plains of the Serengeti. In either case the feeling is more like being in paradise.

In Tanzania, the parks that deserve special mention for its high concentration of wildlife are listed below, but we can not forget other equally important national parks such as Katavi and Mikumi, Selous Game Reserve...

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A great safari guide

A great safari guide

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