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Travelling alone or in a group

Africa is for everyone, its indescribable sensations reach the heart of the lonely traveler, at the same way than those who travel in group, with family or a group of improvised friends.

If you have time and attitude, but you don’t have company in this great adventure, this is your section! One of the great advantages of group travel is that prices are reduced. Also, you'll meet amazing people with whom you share one of the greatest experiences of your life and surely you will create a friendship that will be forever. Another advantage is that you have someone at your side to make you photos!

So do not hesitate, sign up to our forum, meet others like you wanting to find travel companions, and sign up to the route that you like. Any of our routes is available to create a group. Or create your own and wait for other travellers are encouraged to share it with you!

We make groups with a maximum of 7-8 people, because we think the group will be perfectly with this number. We will be enough for incomparable days in Africa, but not so many as to slow down the rhythm of the trip!

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