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Safari is a Swahili word meaning journey, a trip that you have always dreamed of, and that will remain in your memory forever, an immersion in a world, a culture and a different way of seeing life. Let us walk beside you through the endless plains and the wonderful sensations that you can only live in Africa.

The safaris we suggest are the result of accumulated experience. Our intention is to care for our travelers and that’s why we prepare routes that offer maximum comfort and the possibility of spotting the greatest number of species.

In addition, our safaris are not limited in duration, lasting all day and end when the park closes or when you decide to finish, always to your preferences. We visit every park from one end to another, choose the accommodation according where the largest concentrations of animals are in the moment of your trip so that you feel a participant in the greatest natural show on earth.

Our guides are experts in wildlife in Africa, still surprised when they see one of the wonders of nature in front of their eyes and they know the hidden corners of parks like the back of his hand, the most likely places to spot species specifically.

In short, we pretend you to enjoy this unspeakable experience to the limit and you feel Africa in every inch of your skin.

And there are many ways to enjoy the safari: with your partner, with friends, with family, with the kids, with a makeshift group, walking, by car, focusing on birds, cats, in the Big Five ... it all depends on your preferences, so choose your safari and get ready for one of the greatest experiences of your life!

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