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Custom Safaris

Africa is full of surprises, and few places will give you as much as this on. So we want to offer the best to every traveler wanting to visit this wonderful continent, to overcome the high expectations we all have before traveling, so they can feel all that we ourselves feel the first time we step on Africa.

Therefore custom made safaris are our specialty. We enjoy making the trip exactly as you have in your mind, leaving space for surprises that you will discover along the way.

If you do not have clear enough your trip, we'll help you with the finishing touches with the experience that supports us, becoming this trip the experience of your life. We can adapt the trip with the number of days that you have, the budget you can afford, the dates on which you can travel, type of accommodation that your dream and the flora and fauna you prefer to contemplate ... everything will go according what you want!

And if you have nothing clear, but you know you want a safari made ​​exclusively for you and yours, we will make it together from start to finish, building step by step what will be a great adventure.

If you contact us for this type of safari, with a few questions we will know what you want to organize this wonderful trip.

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