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A great safari guide

A great safari guide

Before travelling we call agencies, read forums, buy fly tickets, create itineraries, we get nervious for the big trip, exchange millions of mails... But when we get to Africa, who really makes a difference to enjoy a great safari is our guide.

Our safari guide will be our feet and eyes, who will show us the wonders of Africa, who will discover animals where we have never imagined, who knows the paths in Masai Mara and Serengeti as the palm of his hand. In short, he will be who makes us love this amazing continet with a lot to offer.

Safari guides

That's why we are going to tell you the characteristics we always look for in the great guides of our team.

  • A big caracter.
  • Endless laughs.
  • Great personal skills.
  • The ability to spot the flicker of an ear from 2km in semi-darkness.
  • A wild enthusiasm.
  • Capacity to entertain when the animals are hiding.
  • The mission to creat the best experience ever for the travelers.
  • Knowing languages, among them the language of lions, elephants and rhinos.
  • Passion for Africa and for what they do.

Guías de safari


A great guide, a guide who makes the difference with the others, will have all of those qualities and more. Those we will discover in a safari with them. A safari that will become more than a trip, in the journey of emotions, HISIA SAFARIS.


Special thanks to Jimmy, Bryson, Juan, Alex, Ray and many more, because without them HISIA SAFARIS wouldn't be possible. ¡Asante sana!

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A great safari guide

A great safari guide

Having a great guide for your safari in Africa is the key to make your trip unforgettable.

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