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Serengeti National Park

Area: North Tanzania


Serengeti National Park extends over 14,763 km2, forming the largest nature reserve of the country with different landscapes: vast meadows, rock formations and acacia forests where millions of ungulates live, most common wildebeest and zebra in search of grazing and being persecuted by predators such as lions and leopards.

Without doubt, the most impressive of the park are the great migrations of wildebeest crossing the Mara River accompanied by zebras and gazelles, moving north in search of food, despite the harassment of crocodiles who anxiously await this time of year.

Besides wildebeest in the park can be seen giraffes, buffalo, black-maned lions, impalas, leopards, vultures, leopards, etc…

Highly recommended to visit areas like Seronera, Lobo or Ndutu. Undoubtedly, Serengeti park is another must.

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