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Tanzania beaches

The beaches of Tanzania have been admired and recognized as some of the best in the world. In the Tanzanian coast you will find paradise, called Zanzibar. The transparency of its waters, its diversity and its white sand beaches defined Zanzibar as the jewel of Africa, and together with the neighbouring islands, all called the Spice Islands, are one of the best places in Africa to spend a relaxed holiday, sunbathing or diving.

Its long and fascinating history has produced a culturally rich island whose past still remains in the ancient streets and curio shops of the Old City. Air contains a strong smell of spices, one of the hallmarks of the island.

Zanzibar consists of two islands but popularly known as Zanzibar is Unguja Island. It has long beaches of white sand, azure blue and green colours of its waters, coconut palms, coral reefs ... This makes it ideal for scuba diving, diving, or snorkelling.

The old Stone Town of Zanzibar has become a World Heritage Site. It is a fascinating place with winding streets, old wooden doors, small shops, bustling bazaars full of people and children playing. You can visit Bei-el-Ajaib (House of Wonders), the Anglican Church of Christ, the Dhow Harbour and other wonders of the city.

Zanzibar fffers a huge variety of accommodations, so stay in any of them will depend on your personal preferences. Some of them are:

Also, if you think you have not yet found paradise in Zanzibar, you can keep looking, and you come to the Garden of Eden. In the neighbouring islands of Zanzibar you will find peace, tranquillity, privacy and the exclusivity you seek. 

One of these islands is Changuu Private Island, known as the Prison Island. On this island you will not find more than 50 people, and the walks along deserted beaches can become unimaginable experiences. A 20-minute boat ride from the island of Zanzibar. Visit it and start to feel the magic of the Changuu island.

Another private island is the tropical island of Bawe, just 30 minutes by boat from Zanzibar, so you can choose from your private island or a visit to Stone Town without having to go long distances. This island has a maximum capacity of 30 people, so the atmosphere of exclusivity on this island is maximized. Sign in to start enjoying what awaits you if you choose the Bawe tropical island

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