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Play Kenya

Play Kenya

Play Kenya is a registered charity set up to help the children in Kenya deal with the trauma and loss that they experience in their lives.

Many of our travelers have already visited this charity during their safari in Africa and everyone agrees that are incredible moments. If you plan going on safari and during your journey want to pay a visit, you only have to tell us. You can help them with clothes, toys, sports equipment, soccer balls, soccer shoes... Anything will be welcomed, because as Play Kenya says, "there is a desperate need to bring joy to the lives of these children."

Play Kenya

Photo of Natalia and Rubén during their visit to Play Kenya.

Elena y Borja en Play Kenya

Elena and Borja, and also Jimmy, in their visit to Play Kenya.


Play Kenya has many projects, among them:


Rafiki Mwema is born from the need to support very young girls who have been sexually abused. They have a therapeutic safe house to help these little girls and allow them access to any medical treatment they need, support them through the court system, and where possible to work with their families for a safe return to home. For the girls who returning home is not an option, Play Kenya will work towards a safe foster family or a specialised children’s home, as the maximum time to stay at Rafiki Mwema is one year.

Obviously, a project like this needs financial support for various aspects of its operation:

  • To maintain proper nutrition of girls and staff.
  • To buy their own land and build their own treatment centers.
  • They would like to create a "therapeutic village" with small shelters with love, care and a permanent home for the girls.

There is also the possibility of sponsoring girls in Rafiki Mwema for 30€ per month

You can read more of their work at http://rafikimwema.com/.



It had always been in our plans at Play Kenya to develop a safe therapeutic house for boys who have lived on the streets. They saw as many of them were abused by adults, treating them awful just because they live in the street, as it was a choice!

Over the years Play Kenya have built relationships with some of the boys and helped in small ways where they can. Children in age from around 6 to 18. They developed the ‘Football for Street boys project’ with the aim of ensuring they were fed, showered and had something to occupy them 2-3 times a week. Some of these boys only went to the football for the food, afterwards began to change. They were becoming more supportive of each other. Having no role models in their lives, it is far too easy for them to fall into a life of crime and despair. They had no idea of the impact ‘Football for Street Boys’ would have.

Recently, all these boys were arrested and taken to prison – they were facing time in the remand, because they had no home. Some of these boys have no parents; others have run away from violent homes...

Is then when Rafiki Familia is born, very quickly, to give these boys a safe place to be a child. It is a very basic house but at least these 15 boys are safe for now. They plan to develop a therapeutic model similar to our girls house, Rafiki Mwema. The boys will receive education for a year before get them into schools. They will be treated with love and respect and help them to make sense of their early lives... Rafiki Familia will take the challenge of therapeutically parenting the boys. Football is, and will continue to be a huge part of their lives.



There are 226 women in Nakuru Women’s Prison and 40 of those have their children incarcerated with them until the child is 4 years old. They need more understanding of their importance to their mothers, who often have depression, mental health issues or are finding prison hard to take. Also, they have introduced very strict homework for the women- singing to their children!

The objective is to support the women in prison to be able to emotionally care for their children. To build and develop attachments which will support the families when they are returned into society.


In our opinion, Play Kenya does a commendable job for the children of Africa. There are many ways to help, financially, by donating materials, toys, clothes, etc., with the purchase of certain items through its website, sponsoring a child of Rafiki Mwema... Surely among some of them you will find the one that suits you! :)

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