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Samburu National Reserve

Area: Central Kenya


This reserve has 165 km2 of arid savannah areas of thorns, dry scrubland and scattered acacia. Extreme heat and desolation of the landscape are the face of the African landscape less hospitable to life, making us think that is a wildlife desert. However, the arid scrub is preferred by some mammals adapted to this ecosystem habitat.

In humid areas of the river Ewaso Ngiro are more vegetation zones, and where most of the wildlife is concentrated.

Here are some species that live only in northern Equator and impossible to find in other parks, including Grevy's zebra , the reticulated giraffeoryx and gerenuc.

We can find also hippos, crocodiles, vervet monkeys, baboons , lions , cheetahs , hyenas and a rich birdlife with over 300 species. But one of the highlights of Samburu is that is where it is easier to see the elusive leopard.

Samburu is Africa in all its splendor and home to the Samburu tribe, which has been adapted to the arid conditions of life in this ecosystem.

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