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Lake Nakuru National Park

Area: Central Kenya


It's where you can see the spectacle known worldwide for the number of flamingos, sometimes over a million individuals, which stained pink alkaline waters of the lake, with an area of 188 km2.

Is very close to Nakuru town, and has several viewpoints from which you can get spectacular views of the lake.

Two fundamental aspects give fame to Nakuru: the large number of birds together in this beautiful place, and the presence of the rhino on its shores. The park was declared a sanctuary for the protection of these large and endangered animals in 1987. Since then, the reintroduction of specimens of the two species, black and white, has made Nakuru one of the main shelters of rhinos in the country, where you can easily find two of the five surviving species worldwide.

There are also other mammals such as lion, leopard, buffalo, zebras , antelopes, hyraxes and baboons.

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A great safari guide

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