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Bogoria and Baringo lakes

Area: Midwest Kenya


The Bogoria reserve covers the lake and surrounding areas , with an area of ​​107 km2. It is a salt water lake, which offers a superb view of blue hills . In one of its banks, land form swampy scabs that break into deep cracks, air spewing sulfurous water and steam jets, geysers, which are the evidence of volcanic origin of Rift Valley.

Therefore, these geysers in the foreground, the pink color of flamingos in second, and the bottom of the Laikipia Escarpment features a unique scenario, difficult to observe elsewhere.

In addition, the fauna allow us to observe the majestic Great Kudu, impossible to find in many other parks and reserves. Also we will see buffalo, baboons and lots of antelopes, not forgetting to mention the amazing variety of birds in the lake, flamingos, vultures, bustards, larks and raptors such as the bald eagle vociferous.

It is out of the most visited parks, so you can enjoy a tranquility that is not found in other busy parks.

Lake Baringo is one of the few freshwater lakes with an area of 130 km2. It is part of a chain of lakes that surround the Kenya Rift Valley system.

It is home to over 400 species of birds that are the main attraction of the area, in addition to the many hippos and crocodiles that can be seen in its brown waters for the red soil of the region.

Is the area of ​​the tribe of the Njemps, which can be visited to observe their local crafts and dances.

It is also an unfrequented area, enjoying the same tranquility than Bogoria.

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