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Aberdare National Park

Area: Central Kenya


It is one of the famous parks in Kenya, with 770 km2 and is situated in the central province, with a mountain range 160 km long. It is the highest park in Africa, whose highest peaks are Kinangop, with 3,906 m, and Oldonyo Lesatima, with 4,001 m of altitude. Kikuyu people know these mountains by its traditional name, Nyandarua.

It is compound mostly by a wet rainforest, with many mountain streams that fall into spectacular waterfalls, such as Keruru Kahuru, Gura and the Chania Falls. It has a rich vegetation of tropical nature and mountain vegetation, we see vast forests of bamboo, which according to altitude become on mountain meadows.

It has a very rich fauna , though its thick vegetation hinders the observation of animals, which include elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, various species of antelope, black rhino and forest species such as the giant forest boar or antelope bongo. The black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and Sykes are also present. Lions, leopards and serval also live in the forest, in addition to 250 species of birds, among which are the Malachite Sunbird scarlet crest, black headed heron, Egyptian geese, sacred ibis and yellow-billed ducks.

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A great safari guide

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