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Travelers in Kenya: Elena and Borja

Travelers in Kenya: Elena and Borja

Today we are going to introduce Elena and Borja, a wonderful couple who traveled to Kenya in September 2015. Our interlocutor at all times was Elena and she deserves an award, because we prepare the trip hand to hand perfectly! From the first moment she knew what she wanted and after several emails, we had prepared the itinerary. A girl with lots of energy, positivity and, above all, eager to travel and all come out great!

Normally when we write a post about travelers, we tell you how was the trip and we include some of their words, what they have told us. But Elena has made such a good summary of their trip and explained everything so well that we will let you know in full.

"Here's our experience summarized for the best trip of our lives. There are no words to describe what we lived there:

Hisia SafarisJourney of emotions”. Its aim is to bring the traveler to the charm, magc and beauty of Africa. Well, done.

We booked with this agency a trip really difficult to forget. The person in Spain is called Irene, an accesible person and willing to clear any doubts that you may have before beginning a tailored trip to a complete unknown country.

Special mention to our rafiki Jimmy, who was the guide who came with us at all times, a beautiful person, with a perfect Spanish and super friendly.

Viajeros en Kenya, Africa

We saw many animals, those you don't see... well, he sees everything, awesome everything we learned with him. He knows everything as the palm of his hand. We laughed a lot and all day we were telling stories, we had an excellent attention. He introduced us to the people of Kenya, distinguished by its hospitable nature and that they know how to take care of the travelers.

Our first destination was Samburu National Reserve and we satyed at the “Elephant Bedroom Camp”, with an unbeatable locatin within the reserve and privileged sights to Ewaso´ Nyro river, where we could enjoy watching the animals going down to drink in the river.

Second destination was Lake Nakuru National Park and “Maili Saba Camp”. The best of this accomodation are the views to Menengai Crater. The staff made us feel like home. 

Finally, we visited the Masai Mara National Reserve, where we could see the way of life of its people. It seems the time didn't run in that place. Also, the hotel we chose, Sarova Mara Camp” was excellent in all aspects. Masai Mara... simply there are no words to describe it. Maximum diversity, kilometers and kilometers around without seeing anything more than animals and enedless plains...

We liked the light and colours of its landscapes, but what struck us was the visit to Play Kenya”, an NGO where our guide Jimmy gives a hand. The love that showed us the girls who live there captivated us, made us see life in another way. Were some incredible moments.

Viajeros en Play Kenya, Africa

Travelers in Kenya, Africa

Itineraries, hotels, food... everything was perfect, but the most endearing and that always will linger in our memory and heart, is the simplicity and kindness of all the people we have met.

We were very sad to say goodbye, especially to Jimmy, because he has been much more than a guide, a great friend, we will see you in Spain rafiki.

Thanks Irene and Jimmy for those unforgettable and magic seven days that we'll never forget. Highly recommended for those who want to travel across the world and live a unique experience to their side.

In short, a country that enveloped and captivated us and where will be back for sure in the future.


If Elena and Borja enjoyed during their trip, we also are delighted every time we read their words. They get to our hearts and in HISIA SAFARIS we are extremely happy to have been part of this great journey. We'll see you soon rafikis! Asante sana!


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