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Travelers in Kenya and Tanzania: Ana, Angel, Sandra and Marcos

Travelers in Kenya and Tanzania: Ana, Angel, Sandra and Marcos

While a few days ago we wrote about a traveling to Africa with the family, our post today talks about traveling with our other family, the one that we choose, our friends. Or, you have to speak some Swahili, the rafikis. An African safari among friends is to share incredible experiences, hard to explain, but that creates even greater links, if possible, between those people traveling together.

Ana, Angel, Sandra and Marcos traveled in September 2014 to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Our initial interlocutor was Ana, who was great in her role and told us everything we needed to know to start organizing a great safari in Africa. After, we got to know everyone else, Angel, Marcos and Sandra, and we realized that they are a group that is complemented perfectly. Travelers and friends, what else could we want? It's nice to meet people like them, with clear ideas of what they wanted to do, concise and organized emails, hopefully, with attitude, sense of humor, laughs... We had the feeling that even before they had traveled to Africa they were becoming in good rafikis, with their emails to 4 that produced us more than a laugh!

Together we looked for flights, inquired about vaccines, chose the accommodation, we made the journey, and decided to go dancing with the Maasais! Whenever we say that we remember Sandra! :) And finally, after many emails exchanged, it came the big day!

They did a very complete journey that took them from Nairobi to Lake Nakuru and then to the great Lake Victoria and Ruma National Park. Later they came to the stunning reserve of Masai Mara where they crossed later into Tanzania to enter the not less spectacular Serengeti, where they shared unique moments with Pepe.

Sandra y Ana y la caca de elefante :)

Ana, Ángel, Marcos y Sandra en Ikoma Safari Camp

From here they went to the Ngorongoro Crater and ended their safari in Tarangire. But this doesn't end here! Then they went to enjoy relaxing days in Zanzibar, from where they returned home, leaving a bit of all of them in Africa and, we guess, with the intention of returning someday! :)

Some of their words after this wonderful trip were: "We are already back and we had a great time!! Thank you very much for everything, was just the trip we wanted and have enjoyed it very much, it was an spectacular experience. It is very difficult to explain in an email all we have felt, anecdotes, laughs, experiences, etc, but I think for the 4 of us was the best trip of our lives, and we thank you because you have behaved great with us and you have done everything possible for us to enjoy to the maximum. It's been great and of course we will recommend to friends and with reviews traveling with you. It was a magical journey."


To HISIA SAFARIS has been a pleasure and a great thing to have you among our travelers and especially among our new rafikis. You are part of us and part of Africa. This small and also big family is made of all of you who enjoy with all that enthusiasm of the greatness of this continent. We look forward to see you again in the vastness of the savannah. Maisha marefu!

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