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Documentation for an african safari

Documentation for an african safari

Today we want to tell you about the necessary documents when you travel on safari in Africa. This is one of the most important things and must be planned in advance of your trip. So do we:


  • Non-stop travelers will already have it in their possession and with many stamps from different countries. Or so all those who love traveling want! You only have to check the expiration date because it must have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of your trip. That is, if you want to travel in February, your passport should expire at least in August. And of course have a few blank pages, possibly three.
  • For those who are new travelers, tell them won't be the last trip! And to obtain a passport you have to go to the police station in your area and there it would be issued.


A good idea is to have copies of the documentation. So you can keep the original in one place, and some copies in your hand luggage or in your partner one. Thus, if for any reason any suitcase or the documentation is lost, at least you can show it!



  • The easiest way to get it is at your arrival in Africa. During the flight you will be given a few simple forms you have to fill. If you have any questions, the flight crew will be happy to assist you. When you're on land, deliver it, and go! This applies both to Kenya and Tanzania. If you visit the two countries you'll need two visas. You can get the second one at the border between the two countries.
  • Another way is to take it from your country of origin and, if so, will have to contact the Embassy of Kenya and/or Tanzania to inform you how to manage it.



We have already talked in another post about the necessary vaccinations when you travel to Africa. These vaccines are noted in the International Vaccine Certificate, which you have to take with you.


Once you take all these recommendations into account, you will be ready to take the next step in your safari and continue with the organization of what will be an amazing adventure.

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