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African domestic airlines

African domestic airlines

Some travelers decide to end their safari in Africa with a relaxing stay at the beach. Whether on the coast of Kenya or Tanzania, peace, tranquility and fun are guaranteed. We are going to recommend some African domestic airlines flying from major Kenyan and Tanzanian cities to delightful destinations in each country.

  • Jambojet: is a Kenyan lowcost airline connecting Nairobi with the Kenyan coast at very competitive prices. It also has flights within the country. No flights to Tanzania.
  • Fly540Kenyan airline which also flies to Tanzania, Zanzibar specifically.


  • Precision AirTanzanian airline that has a lot of cities of origin and destination. They fly both in Kenya and Tanzania.

Precision Air

  • Kenya Airways: is the best known internationally and operates both in Kenya and Tanzania, connecting with the coasts of both countries.


There are some other airlines but we believe that among these you will find your ideal flight with a good schedule, connections and price. If you need any help with flights, you can contact us. And, once reserved, enjoy your journey and adventures! Safari njema!

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